Cornbread App

Very exciting news: this week, we are launching the Beta of our first Neologic App.  It’s called Cornbread.  Cornbread let’s users create beautiful messages - crumbs - with video, photos audio and text.  Then the messages are published wherever in the world you are standing when you ‘drop’ them.  Crumbs are discovered and experienced only where they are dropped. 

Cornbread is a social and creative app that ties experience to place.  Delight in creating and dropping beautiful messages out in the world.  Experience the thrill of finding other’s creations.

It’s a love letter. It’s inspired by your life. It’s a beautiful message in a bottle, a connection to place. It’s a connection to people, a secret waiting for you: in the air, anywhere.

Cool, right?  

Cornbread is an experiment. The idea of creating and finding messages at specific locations sounds cool to us.  There are so many ways this can be used.  And we’ve spent many hours imagining these ways.  However,  we’re certain there is no way to count them all.  So help us learn what Cornbread can do.  Go play with the app, get in touch and tell us how you are using Cornbread!